Lets Get Bitey

Becoming a vampire is very attractive for tanks. There are plenty of benefits that complement your role and the downsides are really minimal as we will see below. I know many people really don’t like the visual effect of vampirism but this can be covered up by one of the many skins you’ll acquire through completing trials or other content. Let’s have a look!

Ugly but cool

Which stage is all the rage?

Its not all upside drinking blood

Depending on your vampirism stage, your detrimental effects will increase the further you head towards stage four. The health regeneration reduction is not really a big deal. However, many people see the 20% (or 25% at Stage Four) increased fire damage and are deterred. In practice this is not going to kill you…mechanics will. If you can get your head around that then let’s proceed…

Vampire Passives

Be refined rather than savage…

There is no reason to take this for trials tanks. If you like feeding outside of trials then knock yourself out…otherwise let’s move on.

Become a superhero…passive required

This is the main reason for taking the Vampire skill line. The Stamina Recovery is not important as it is suspended while we block…but the 10% Magicka Recovery is really worth taking. More Magicka means more Igneous Shields, which equals more Stamina for blocking via Helping Hands. Take it and enjoy the benefits.

Satanic Cult? No, friendly bites

Obviously this has no benefit for our role. However, be a good guild-mate and take this skill to provide a bite to your guildies when required. That’s right, be a conscientious vampire!

Undead, but less dead too

This is why we get to Stage Three. Whilst below 50% health your damage taken is reduced by up to 33%, scaling up as your health scales down. I’m not sure that this has every “saved” me but it sure can’t hurt (pun intended). There’s no harm (more puns) in taking this one.

Naturally resistant?

Whilst Health Recovery is not a major concern for trial tanks, the reduction in this debuff is certainly worth taking, (un)naturally.

Well you can hardly stalk in broad daylight, can you?

This passive can be useful outside of trails (when doing Sacraments or Heists) but it is only active when Vampirism Stage Four. This one is not required for tanking but sometimes useful outside of trails…your choice.

How do I stay Stage 3?

Plenty of people think it is too much effort to stay at stage 3. I disagree. Simply drink a Double Bloody Mara when you hit Stage Four, then eat your regular buff food…takes a few seconds and you’re optimising your tanking.

Wrapping it up

Vampirism is optional. On paper the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and I personally choose to be a vampire. You do not need to, just understand what you’re giving up and make an informed decision.

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