Max Stats, Mundus & Food

There is really no right answer regarding your attribute points and mundus stones. I’ll take you through what I like and, as long as you know why you’re choosing a set-up then more power to you.

Ancient and powerful

Mundus Stones Introduction

For trials tanking there are really only a couple of strong options. You should think of Mundus Stones as a way to plug in gaps in your stats depending on what you want or need. Let’s have a look!

The Atronach

The Atronach Mundus Stone increases your Magicka Recovery by 238. For Dragonknight tanks this is an obvious choice as more Magicka equals more Igneous Shields, equals more Stamina return via Helping Hands. This increases your overall sustain and can help open up options for non-sustain gear sets that benefit your group more. I take this…you should seriously consider it.

The Lord

The Lord Mundus Stone increases your Maximum Health by 2231. A dead tank is no use to anyone. However, in my opinion you’ll be reaching your desired Maximum Health via attributes (see below) and other means. Beyond a certain point more health is wasted. In fact, the less health you can reliably survive with the more you will pump into other areas such as sustain or Maximum Magicka and Stamina…increasing your overall effectiveness.


Pop quiz: what’s your best attribute?

The way I approach attributes is as follows…First, I put on my most common trials tanking set. In my cast this is Ebon, Alkosh and Lord Warden. Second, I ensure I’ve eaten my food buff. Third, I pump points into Health until I’ve reached my desired goal. In my case I’m comfortable with 40k as a baseline. Fourth, I will pump my remaining points into Magicka and Stamina to ensure that my Max Stamina is just slightly higher than my Max Magicka. Simple as that! The only variable I believe you need to consider is what health you are targeting…the rest is rinse and repeat.


Mmm crispy pasty…so delicious

Regarding food, you should aim for a CP150 dish that supplies increased maximum stats across the board. I use Longfin Pasty as above but there are plenty of other equivalents available to you. Enjoy!

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