Be a Champion


The correct Champion Point setup is critical to your survivability and success as a trials tank. There are many different setups available but I have found the setup below, authored by Woeler, to be solid.

Order Matters

When applying your champion points, the order in which you apply some of them is critical. If you apply them in the wrong order then you will be taking more damage than is necessary. This post explains this phenomenon in detail.

In short, apply Elemental Defender, then Ironclad, then Hardy.

While Levelling, Prioritise the Following

Be a Champion, but Orderly

Whilst there are many different setups that you can use that are tailored to the different trials in the game, the above have held me in good stead for even the most challenging content. These should be prioritised if you are levelling up to achieve a baseline survivability in your role.

Now lets delve into each constellation so we can understand why we pick what we do…

Ride the steed to victory!
Just like Ironman, but more tanky

Ironclad is the only selection you need to make in The Steed. It gives you a flat percentage reduction against direct damage attacks…of which you’ll be eating many over your journey.

The Lady will protect you.
Sometimes defence is the best…defence…

Elemental Defender is another staple that will reduce various forms of Magic damage taken. As per above, this is the first that you should be slotting.

You’ll get the flu less often

Hardy reduces the damage taken from physical, poison and disease damage. Depending on the trial, this can become very important.

Be thick-skinned, not thick…

You’ll be slammed with plenty of damage over time effects when tanking. Thick Skinned provides a significant reduction to the damage taken from these, greatly increasing your survivability.

Lord it over your friends with your survivability
Be a rock, be a Bastion

I love this one, although it is not as effective as it once was. You will be casting lots of shields, both for survivability and for stamina returns. Why not have your shields be more effective?

Gotta put those spare points somewhere…

With your few leftover points, a little more healing received via Quick Recovery is a minor boon. You’ll be the subject of many heals over the journey!

Tower over your enemies
You wont win the 100m race in your heavy armor…

Mobility is a required as you will be often sprinting to get to a location and to correctly position monsters. Reducing the cost of sprint is a nice little bonus as it reduces the draw on stamina, your blocking resource.

Be a lover…and be a fighter
You can be a magic user and a fighter…why choose?

Magicka recovery is very important to a tank. The more times you can cast Igneous Shield, the more stamina you will return and the more sustain you will achieve. Perfect!

Always be in the boss’s face, but be elusive!
Whoda thunk being an Acrobat would benefit your tanking?

You will be required to roll out of attacks or area of effects at times. Reducing the cost of roll dodging via Tumbling is a great way to reduce the draw on your stamina in general.

Shadow-boxer for the win!

Will you be blocking a lot? I think the answer is yes. Reducing the stamina drain by 25% cannot be ignored and should be taken. Period.

A good tank is always learning…
Bless yourself with better self-healing

Blessed increases your self-healing significantly. Isn’t that the healer’s job? Sure, but you will be self-healing often whether via Green Dragon Blood, or popping an Ultimate and getting healed via Battle Roar. Learn to love it.

Don’t be an elf, but trick people into believing you’re elf-born

Whilst your critical rating will not be high, this is still a great way to get some additional healing doing things you are already doing.

Atronachs are so big and tanky!
You’re holding a weapon…might as well be an expert at it…

This is where you dump any extra points you have in The Mage constellation. Really not impactful for a tank, but might as well take it anyway.

Preparation is key…
Measure twice, cut once

Once again, this is where you’ll put some leftover points. You wont be crit healing with many stamina abilities, perhaps Vigor once in a while.

Wrapping it up

You actually have some leeway outside of the core tanking champion points to place them where you would like. The higher you climb the champion point tree, and the more points you invest in particular areas, the less impact it will have on your combat effectiveness. You don’t need to be stressed about reaching the champion point cap as much as investing wisely along the way, setting your character up correctly and learning mechanics. Onward and upward!

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