Be Passive, Yet Aggressive


Whilst there are plenty of nuances in becoming an effective trials tank, there are some core elements that are immutable. One of those is taking advantage of the passives available to you. We’ll be covering those off here regarding Dragonknights passives…

Heavy armor…so sexy…

Ardent Flame


Combustion is a great passive for tanking. We are applying Burning often via the Engulfing Flames ability which means that we are generally getting the Magicka return on cool-down. Take it and love it.

Please, stay and warm yourself by my fire…

A nice bonus when you’re applying Engulfing Flames to help keep monsters close to you if they’re inclined to wander away. Not required but nice to have.

Stand close…but not too close…

Really good to increase the duration of your Engulfing Flames…which means more Magicka back via your Combustion passive…increasing your sustain…what’s not to like?

Can a lonely tank really ruin the world?!?

Not required. If you’re worried about your damage output or cost of stamina poison abilities then you’re in the wrong place.

Draconic Power

So considerate of your healers…

A staple for tanks. Get it then forget it. You will be blocking a lot. Less damage taken equals less heals required by your healers…perhaps remind them of this on occasion to let them know how considerate you are.

Never still my burning heart

Increases your healing received while doing the things you’ll be doing anyway. Must have. Combined with Green Dragon Blood, Volatile Armor and Choking Talons, this should be active permanently.

Be an old and wise draconic descendant

Combined with core abilities on your bar this is a nice little bonus to help keep you alive and contribute to taking a little pressure off your healers. Whilst health recovery is not widely regarded as core to trial tanking it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Be a pain to Voldemort…no scar required

This is required and will help you reach the 32.5k resist cap for spells. Set and forget.

Earthen Heart

Be an unassailable mountain to your enemies

Required. Combined with Igneous Shield and Magma Shell this is a nice little duration buff for those abilities.

Hear me roar!

The reason Dragonknight tanks are arguably the best in the game. Having access to a significant across-the-board resource restore for hitting an ultimate is just ridiculously good. Take it, keep it, and covet it.

Be the mountain, be blessed for it too…

Another amazing passive. The ultimate regeneration is a great bonus and feeds nicely into Battle Roar to make you a tanking machine. The Minor Brutality buff is great for Stamina DPS in your group and you’ll be applying it plenty with Igneous Shield.

Many hands make light work

Can it get any better? Well, yes it can! When you are spamming your Igneous Shield, you are restoring a significant amount of stamina to top up your blocking resource. What’s not to like?

Wrapping it up

Dragonknight tanks have some amazing passives for the role, which is why they are the default class for tanking. Understanding how they enhance what you are doing is essential to taking full advantage of everything the class has to offer us.

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