Role Basics

Tanking trials (or dungeons for that matter) requires an intimate knowledge of fight mechanics, positioning, situational awareness and much more. In this article we will explore the absolute basics in understanding what your role is for your trial group.

Stand in front and block!

Holding Monsters’ Attention

Your first job is to ensure that you are holding the attention of all relevant mob(s) for any particular fight, whether a trash pull or boss fight.

Regardless of class, the two main skills that you will use to achieve this are Pierce Armor and Inner Fire. For priority targets you should never allow your taunt to drop. If you do, the boss (or mobs) will lose position and people will die. Generally you should use Pierce Armor where possible for Major Fracture/Breach and only use Inner Fire where you must range taunt either because you cannot change position or need immediate aggro on a mob not within striking distance.

Monster Positioning

Depending on the fight, you will often be required to position a boss (or trash) to enable effective execution of mechanics and/or maximum damage. Whist your role will vary with each fight, there are some basics to keep in mind.

  1. Face the boss/monsters away from the group – Many monsters/bosses have cleave mechanics which will often 1-shot your teammates. You will often be required to face the monsters away from your group to avoid this.
  2. Group trash mobs together for maximum damage – Judicious use of Unrelenting Grip and/or Choking Talons (using a Dragon Knight tank as an example) will allow you to stack monsters for this purpose.
  3. Stacking ranged mobs – In many cases you will need to taunt ranged mobs and then run past the group in order to stack them onto the other mobs that the group are fighting. Unrelenting Grip is a cheap way to give yourself Major Expedition for this purpose.
  4. Neutralising dangerous monsters out of the group – Sometimes designated monsters will need to be taken away from the group for a period of time. A great example are the Savages in vMoL.

Providing Debuffs


One of the main roles of a tank is to provide debuffs to priority targets. These should include:

  1. Major Fracture/Breach via Pierce Armor
  2. Crusher via your back bar weapon enchant
  3. Roar of Alkosh when wearing Roar of Alkosh set
  4. Engulfing Flames via the Dragon Knight Ardent Flame skill
  5. Off balance via Lightning Staff Blockade of Storms
  6. Weakening via your front bar weapon enchant

The buffs above are in order of priority. You will learn over time to keep them up more and more often, increasing group damage, shortening the fight, and generally making everyone’s life easier.

…And Plenty More!

There is so much more you can do to add value to your group and increase your survivability…making your trial group more and more effective. We’ll cover all aspects over the coming posts!

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